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1952 Citroen 11BL “Traction Avant”

(acquired 10/2005)

The first car with front wheel drive was introduced in 1936 as model 7. After the war, it was produced until 1956 when it was replaced by the DS-19 (the one with hydro-pneumatic suspension). It has a 4-cylinder 1,911 cc engine (46 HP) placed behind the gearbox with the differential between them. Bought her on ebay. Shipped from California.


What is special about this car is that it is two-tone: black with dark-blue fenders. Also, the wheels are black instead of yellow and the gas gauge says “petrol”. This makes me think that this car was made in Forest, Belgium for the export market. I had the front grill completely re-chromed to look like the model 15.

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