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On August 25 1974 (I remember, it was the 30th anniversary of the liberation of Paris), through my girlfriend of the time, I met Hamid Motarjemi, Iranian, who was a young electronic engineer living in Florida. We got the idea that, maybe, we could build a terminal (VT100 like) that would display farsi characters and present it to the Shah so that he would give us money (that was 1974!!).
Before moving to Iran, I wanted to know what the country looked like. In early 1975, I bought a brand new Volskwagen Kombi, empty.

For the next nine months, each weekend was spent in Poitiers at my parents house to build a foldable bed, a sink with electric pump and a 6-gallon water tank, install a refrigerator and a butane stove. Lot of fun.
The car was ready in April 1976, and in June we (my girlfriend at the time and I) left for Persepolis!
How we got there
Iran(1) 100.jpg
The road blocked
The Magirus
The kurd dogs
the dc3 field
the border out
qazvin the 2cv
the greek border
next gas 400 km
Isfahan traffic
the road from chalus
the brevier
The kids in Maku
The dry raisins truck
Iran map2.jpg
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